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We are the largest student-led fund in the United States, making Direct Equity Investments into Publicly-Traded Companies that make the world a better place for the Millennial Generation.
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TRITON FUNDS is the largest independent student-run fund in the nation. We provide students real-life opportunities in the Capital Markets. By utilizing alternative investment strategies with a millennial outlook, we help stand still businesses emerge into industry leaders. Our growth driven cycle yields efficient advancements for students, investors, companies, and the community.

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"When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world"

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Whether it’s a great idea or a magnificent team of founders, we become invested with each of the businesses we work with right from the very start. Whether they manage a successful exit or pivot their ideas and goals, we are determined to create a diverse portfolio that provides long-term value.



TRITON FUNDS started as an opportunity to learn and obtain real-world experience investing real dollars in the capital markets. As local investors were inspired by our eagerness to learn more about the industry, we discovered a greater purpose of our fund to provide the opportunities presented to us to our fellow peers. We encourage other students to join our family in order to take the right steps when jump starting their careers.

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At TRITON FUNDS we strive to make the world a better place, starting with the development of students, companies, and charities. Our overall goal is to create a lasting impact in the community that inspires others to lend a helping hand.

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