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TRITON FUNDS offers a unique learning experience to university students seeking a hands-on role in VC and PE investing. Students will get the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and companies in order to help evaluate suitable investments for our portfolio. Once an investment is made, the student will sit in an observer role, watching over the board of the company and witnessing how successful companies are managed and operated. As students first join the family, they will learn how deal flow process and assist management on tasks and projects. From there, as interns become more familiar with the industry, they will be mentored by our management team in order to direct them how to source and deal with investments on their own.
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Just as we are always searching for the next big investment opportunity, we are on a constant search for quality talent to join our team. We consider who we bring on the team as an investment and confidently allocate our time and resources into an individual. We take a holistic approach when viewing our applicants and as a result, our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, but the common trait is the desire to learn and succeed. TRITON FUNDS offers a variety of roles and we look for students with the ability to make tough decisions, the drive to take risks, and the ambition to dive into new opportunities. Given the steep learning curve of the industry, we do our part to train and guide interns, but that must be coupled with a hunger to learn. Interns that progress with our program show a substantial growth that puts them ahead of their fellow peers.
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Equity Analyst
Learn how to analyze private & public companies.
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Marketing Team
Where marketing meets finance.
UCSD Campus
Start the next world-changing corporation.
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